Thursday, March 01, 2012

E-reader Book Cover

This e-reader cover looks like a book cover. I did mine in white because that's what i had in my stash. You can use any size needle for the type of material you'll be working with.

What you'll need;
  • pair of knitting needles
  • material to knit with
  • sturdy cardboard or plastic
  • a button or braided wool
What you'll need to know;
  • st-st = Stockinette stitch
  • K2tog = Knit 2 stitches together
  • YO = yarn over 
The pattern;

Measure your e-reader. You'll need to know length "A" and "B" from the picture posted. The pattern it self will be stitches measuring the length of "A". You will need to knit 4 lengths of "B" . Also about an extra 1cm or so for the spine, and 2" or so for the closing flap.

After knitting in st-st the 4 lengths of "B" and the spine you'll knit the closing flap. For this knit half your flap and mid way through your row K2tog and then YO  twice. continue the other half of your flap. You will notice this creates a hole in your work. This is where the tie/ button will be.

Now you have this long piece of work. it will fold in two and slip the protective hard material inside with a small piece of the protective material for the spine. Sew the entire piece together. Attach braided wool or button to the cover and slip it through the hole. At this point I knitted 2 small ropes to sew onto the back inside of the reader to keep my e-reader in place. There you have it a knitted e-reader cover. Feel free to jazz it up. I'd love to see your e-reader photos!


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