Saturday, January 21, 2012

Furniture Booties (Chair Foot Covers)

I made this pattern as a request for a friend. As i was making these I noticed how very little published free patterns there were of this type. So this pattern came to be. This pattern can be made into any size that you require.  The pattern itself can be molded to any shape or size. The pattern can be altered to fit any style you'd like. Make sure you measure your furniture leg and make the proper gauge for your needles and yarn or wool.

What you need to know for this pattern;
 - "kfb" = Knit front and Back (of stitch)
 - "c/o" = cast on
 - "b/o" = bind off 
 - "dpn" = double pointed needles
 - "sts" = stiches
 - "k" = knit

 What you will need for this project;
- set of dpn
- yarn

c/o 6 sts (divide 6 sts between 3 dpn)

1. kfb
2. (all even rounds) knit
3. kfb, k2, kfb [x3] (6 sts)
5. kfb, k4, kfb [x3] (8 sts)
** Please note that here you can continue expanding the bottom of your pattern here the same way that it has been expanding until you reach desired diameter**
7, 13, 19, 25. Purl
All other rows besides those mentioned above are knitted. Keep going until you reach round 30 then b/o.

This will give you the pattern shown in the picture (will post a picture as soon as i can find one.). You can make any pattern you'd like, as I mentioned this pattern came out of need for one. There you have it, your furniture booties. Make as many as required for your furniture.

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  1. Could you please post a picture of them?
    Thank you!