Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My simple Goddess doll

This was a design that i made because I seriously couldn't find a nice simple Goddess doll anywhere!

Here is the pattern;

Making 2 Goddess patterns, then sewing them together makes one Goddess doll. you can put what ever pattern you'd like on the doll or simply leave it blank!

The doll should be knitted in straight stockinette stitch. Any yarn and gauge can be used because there are no set rules to the size of this project.

things you will need to know to make this project;
- "PFB" = Purl 1 stitch in the front and one in the back
- "P2tog" = Purl 2 stitches together into 1 stitch
- "BO" = bind off
- "K2tog" = knit 2 together

you will need;
- set of straight needles
- 2 stitch holders
- yarn for the doll
- sewing needle
- stuffing/ poly-fill

C/O 3 sts on straight needles

row 1: knit (NB: all odd numbered rows will be knitted through entire project)
row 2: pfb, p, pfb
row 4: pfb, p3, pfb
row 6: pfb, p5, pfb
row 8: pfb, p7, pfb
row 10: pfb, p9, pfb
row 12: pfb, p11, pfb
row 14-28: purl all stitches
row 30: p2tog, p12, p2tog
row 32: p2tog, p10, p2tog
row 34-36: purl all stitches
row 38: pfb, p10 pfb
row 40: pfb, p12, pfb
row 42: pfb, p14, pfb

NB: at this point I will be putting in every line

row 43: k5 (and place on stitch holder), bo 2, k4 (and place on stitch holder), bo2, k5
row 44: pfb, p4
row 45: k4, k2tog
row 46-57: continue in stockinette

BO work to finish first arm.

to finish the head:
row 44: p4
row 45: k4
row 46: pfb, p2, pfb
row 47-51: stockinette stitch
row 52: p2tog, p4, p2tog
row 53: k4

BO work to finish head.
Second arm should be done same as first arm rows 44-57

Once both sides are done begin sewing the top half of the Goddess together from one hip to the other. I then stuffed the arms and head and continued sewing. Once the body was almost complete i finished stuffing, closed the stitches off and tucked my yarn into my project. There you have it a simple Goddess doll.


  1. Oh yea! I've always wanted a goddess doll. Thank you so much for sharing your pattern with us.